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I went here and downloaded the latest DEMO pick 3 version and WON!  $500 STRAIGHT on my first pick and the software was so easy.  Don't take my word for it click on the Lottery Prediction.net banner above and see for your self.
- Webmaster LeRoy
Young & Old Write . . .

Hello Leroy, Your site has merit and I wish to become a member.  I also found your advertisement for your book.  Looks interesting as soon as my SS check I'll probably order it, but would like to puruse your site.  Thank you for email about your program experience.  Glad to see I'm not alone.  Looking forward to your site.  Don't have a Website as I'm retired.  The lottery is a great Hobby.  It keeps me sane.  Well have a nice day and good luck.

Ron Gulsvig, Seattle
Tuesday, 4/1/03, 6:24 PM

I think you are doin a might fine job!  I use the "green sage report" daily . . . Glad to have you doin da report. . .

"fido", GA
Saturday, 2/15/03

I have just find your website today Sept 18, 2001 and I know you did this to help people like me.  I find it good in your part.  Thank you and I am sure I write you the time I am successful and won't forget you.  Thanks DA

Delfina Angels, Toronto, Canada
Tuesday, 9/18/01 8:16 AM

Great Site! Can't wait until report is ready for TX. . . Good information for Georgia players . . . waiting on Texas

Laretta, TX
Sunday 2/16/03

Thanks so much for all your help and CONGRATULATIONS!  I shall be working with your systems and looking forward to a lot of WINS.  Please send me some numbers for Illinois and South Carolina.  Congratulations again and God Bless!

Doris Mckesson (deegeem), NC
Sunday, 2/16/03

Thank You

I ordered your book on Friday, June 6, 2003
I was so excited and scared of messing things up that I asked you to email me the book and Webmaster LeRoy did that and GUESS WHAT?
"I Won on Saturday's Midday Number of 690 for $500"

- Barbara Ontario, Naperville IL

And Here's What Else They Said . . .

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 5:04 PM
To: cs@snohome.com

Everett you system is wonderful this first I have won 330 on a number this year.  Thank you.  Please send me the number midday tomorrow and the information about
your system.

Thank You For Reading!
Webmaster LeRoy
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