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Over the past decade lotteries have taken this country by storm; state after state, dollar after dollar.  What was once considered nothing more than a novelty has quickly become a multi-billion dollar business.  The underlying reason to which we can attribute this phenomenal success is a deep rooted human virtue (or vice) called risk. We see the manifestations of the risk concept throughout every facet of society, and some would venture so far as to say that it is actually the foundation of the "Great American Dream."  Take a chance.  Hell, why not!!!  The "Great American Dream" offers the promise of your heart's every desire in exchange for a lifetime of hard work.  Lotteries are an accelerated path towards fulfillment of the "Great American Dream;" accelerated because they seemingly allow you to reach your goal while bypassing that annoying obstacle called work.  Week after week Lottery winners are becoming overnight millionaires, sitting back as their dreams transcend to reality.  For as little as one honest U.S. dollar it is possible to reap a return in excess of 40 million dollars; provided of course that you can beat the odds.  The unfortunate reality of this scenario is the fact that in order for any individual to acquire such a windfall, millions of fellow players must lose their honest U.S. dollar!
This website deals with those of us who fall in between the categories of jackpot winners and flat-out losers.  The niche I referring to is that of the systems player, those cool and calculating individuals who look upon the games as a science, and through this approach are able to rake millions of dollars off the top of the lottery prize structure every year.  The incomes of these high-tech men and women can range anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000.00 per year on a consistent basis, and some even manage to move up to the millionaire category.  These folks are past thinking that a few randomly placed wagers will bring a jackpot their , and are willing to accept the fact that in order to make money from the lotteries, as with anything else, you have to earn it.
Webmaster LeRoy has taken the opportunities presented on these pages and proven that one can make a living by "Winning The Lottery" consistently.
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Special Note:  This website is for information purposes                                                  only.  It is not intended to encourage                                                          gambling.  Also this site is not associated                                                with any state's lottery.  Enjoy!
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