By Webmaster LeRoy
Why Playing Exotic Bets Pays Off
Going after four-digit exotic bets can be like money in the bank, and one of the few ways to play the numbers games and actually have the odds in your own favor (statistically speaking).  People who play a number pulled out of the air, seen on a license plate or (god forbid) play a quick pick are bucking 2 to 1 odds of just getting their money back - to say nothing about coming out ahead!

The reason that I, webmaster LeRoy, say you can play with the odds in your favor on these exotic bets is this:  In the four-digit game a Triple (example: 8889) will statistically show up every 26 days and there are only 90 possible ways to play it boxed.  A Double/Double (example:  8899) should come in every 37 days and there are only 45 ways to play all the Double/Double combos in the game, boxed.
Look for situations when a Triple or Double/Double is overdue by one or two times it's normal frequency in your state's game.  When this occurs, and you see the normal patterns of the four-digit game start to change, or "shift," it is a wise idea to start playing all or some of the combos looking for that missing exotic.  That is the key to finding them, and that is why I am often able to predict them within a two-week span.

In most states, Triples pay in the ballpark of $600 for a 50 cents boxed bet and Double/Doubles pay around $400 for a boxed bet.  As you can see, there is no need to go after the exotics straight.  You could play 50 cents on all the Triple combos for $45 per day or all the Double/Doubles for only $22.50 per day.
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